Sunday, March 2, 2014

Baby #2 and why I havent blogged in a really long time.

I feel bad that I haven't blogged in a really long time but have some good intentions as well as some not so good reasons as well. First off let me tell you how tiring it is to be a mother and a wife and a student but you already know that.

So lets start off why I really stopped blogging for a while. I am a person of habit and I think that my habit was to look at these amazing blogs from mothers and others who did a way more amazing job than I ever could or can do. I feel discouraged and felt at the time that I didnt always match up and that I am not this person that people read their blog anyways so I stopped writing. I also had a problem spending too much time on here and less time with my two year old son who needs the most attention right now. I have to come to a realization most people dont read this and thats okay. It can be more like a journal for our family.

So here is a small update before I go into baby #2 story. Benji and I both graduate this July, which is an exciting yet stressful time in our lives. Asher turned two, and is more active and loving then ever. Benji is also working an internship 40 hours a week and another job for 20 hours. I start my internship this march and continue it till I have the baby or finish early which is the intention, hopefully.

So on to baby #2.

For a while we didnt even think we could get pregnant. I have having some health issues down there anyways and hadnt had a period since last July. The doctors we were going to had no clue what was going on but said it would be really hard for us to get pregnant so we stopped doing birth control and other precautions because we realized we would rather have a baby then not have one at all. We or should I say I was ready to add to the family. This was a little devastating to me and I wasnt taking it well.

Well we kept going in for routine blood test because they want to keep track of everything. I was also taking medication to get my period started. Well after I was finished taking the medication my period never started so I called the doctors office and asked them what they wanted me to do next. The nurse then asked if I was pregnant. At the time I thought she was out of her mind. But she asked me to take a pregnancy test and call back another day. So I went to Walmart one night to pick it up, and as I did I was on the phone talking to my sister about how ridiculous it was the I was even taking this test and that I already knew the answer to it. The next morning I woke up sick at about 6 am and decided now was the best time to take it, and to just get it over with. So I peed on the stick and left it there for a long while because I was already setting myself up for a let down. About a half hour later or so I went into the bathroom and looked at it, and it was positive. I was in complete shock and decided even though Benji was sleeping I should wake him up and tell him. So I did and he was so happy and a little in shock too. So I called the nurse and told her the news and they called me in to do a blood test and told me I would get my results later on that week. Right before thanksgiving we got a phone call from our doctors office saying I was 7 and a half weeks pregnant. This was somewhat of a shock for us and we were rather surprised because it have been an easy almost 2 months of pregnancy before I ever found out. Because I hadnt had a period it was something we didnt plan for. Our first ultrasound was going to make sure the baby had a heart beat and to measure it so we could find our due date.

This was the stressful part because it was healthy but the due date was set for July 23, the day we graduated and finished college all together. But we were still excited for our little boy to come. We are now trying to figure out all of the plans but are excited for a house full of boys.

Here are some pictures of our baby that I just couldnt pass up sharing.

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  1. Yay!! He is so precious. Jared and I cannot wait to meet him. I love reading your blog by the ways. :)